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GPS and other navigation help (Kurviger)

During the tripper discussion the issue came up and I would like to introduce a German solution which at least in the German language areas is very common among riders (they have an English version of course).

It is aimed at the "path less travelled" approach and actively avoids main roads and highways and preferences the most scenic routes (btw: "Kurviger" means curvy, bendy):

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That's been recommended to me by someone in the Aussie Himmy group. I haven't tried it yet but he gave it a good review

"In the Year 2525" , listen to that Song and wonder what happens when we get used to using these direction giving applications.

Wont be our Arms hanging limp at our sides. It will just be Reduced Brain size.

This is why I have a set of Country Fire Service map books and use them... it's also why I'm a bit cheesed off with the comedy relief compass. I only need navigation for a complicated route through an area I don't know.

we would need a whole New Thread for that stupid compass. ย ๐Ÿ˜†

Quote from Dool on 14. September 2021, 9:14

we would need a whole New Thread for that stupid compass. ย ๐Ÿ˜†

I like that compass. I always know where it thinks South is... which apparently is whatever direction I'm heading at the time.

A mate of mine saw my compass and bought a ball compass from an automotive shop. It's really good. Clear. More accurate than the RE effort claims to be. So I bought one planning to stick it over the RE compass - I was going to go on the Himmy facebook page and say I'd 'fixed' the compass. Sadly, the base of the thing was too big and I buggered it up cutting it down.

It's rather sad about that compass. It could be really useful (though with an accuracy of +/- 45 degrees, you'd still get bushed) but they really fucked up badly. Typical boardroom decision. Bit like mounting the temp sensor when it gets the hot air from the engine (that at least can be fixed).

You have to Wonder about the Ambient temp readout on the Himma, it reads the worst case scenario, but as you probably have an Idea of the Ambient( because your in it !) leaving it under the seat is probably more useful ( ive extended mine so it reads the ambient better?) .

But the Compass ! thats a waste of space and less useful than a broken watch.

That temp gauge, it's a bit scary when you're stuck in traffic and apparently it's over 50C ย ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Yeah, I'll shift mine one day. Maybe.