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GONE // Free booster plug

I've bought the power tronic so now I have an unused booster plug to give away, just need to send me a return postage satchel. First to post their email can have it.

I'm in Sydney Australia

Bern if you have no other more needy takers, I'll have it, I wanted to buy one to disassemble to help the 477 users that don't have a Powertronic. Might be able swap you for a New Air filter or something, let me know.


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SoBa 😎 

Thats good, that way it will benefit more than one.

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Has it arrived? If not I'll chase it up. Posted about 2 weeks ago.

Sorry Bern, I should have notified you.

Yes arrived 2 weeks back.

I'm going to give it a try next week just to see what Air Fuel mix I get.

How is yours going with the PT?

What map are you using?

I haven't installed it yet. Weather is improving so I'm starting to ride more, but the bike only has 300 km on it so I want to run the km up a bit more before I start making changes. This is mainly to find if there are any warranty issues that turn up.

I installed my PT a bit early and it was not running all that good, didn't get any better untill I got better maps.

Have Fun.