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Costa Rica ...






This year's monsoon is really heavy duty. Normally it dies down in September but this year the Indian meteorological survey has announced it will be heavy rains til end of the month. Much of the delays is also due to this - from landslides to moped riding delivery men who just cant get to do the same workload in during this downpour.

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And people complain when it rains for a couple of days!

Quote from Kiwi59 on 14. September 2021, 9:42

And people complain when it rains for a couple of days!

It's dreadful here, it rains on the weekends and is fine during the week.

Yeah, I know, not really the same is it. I can't even comprehend rain like that, let alone living with it.

Simple solution  get a job in the weekends and and it rain during the week.  Joys of owning a motor cycle. 🙂


we had such nice fast fiberglas optics internet - but its down - ours (airtel) and the government's BSNL as well. all that is left is that rediculous mobile phone data 4G which really has transfer rates of 2G.

no idea how long this shit will last but my internet activities will be very limited until they fix that.

I can do email and with much patience read here. not much more.

Internet is back 🙂


no - it is not - was just for a minute .... 🙁