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Flogged out 477

Hardly, but headlines are catchy, I measured and compared the Ring Gaps on the 477 that has done the Various Dyno runs and about 4000kms since installation on 12/5/21

Dunno why I didnt measure the Oil ring then but is has worked well.

Top was 13 thou and Now 23! ( Indian Cast Iron rings )

Second was 18 and now 21 ( same indian ring but didnt suffer as much )

Oil ring now is 14 thou  (NPK Japanese rings )

Piston is near perfect as is The Cylinder ( the wear is in the rings  😆 ) and will fit H2 nicely

This set up was reading 210 psi at every test previously and did not burn oil so I can expect it to do the same on its Sister.

Just not sure whether to flog out another set of Indian rings or go High tech hard chrome Top ring.

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Pretty soddy after 4000km. Australian fuel is adultered too? Maybe use engine cleaner? Is it knocking under load?

Those Indian rings are OK but not really high end. The German/Italian rings should not show any wear.

A difference in quality can be expected considering the Indian set costs the cosumer 6 Euros (in India) and the European 49 Euros.

With the Japanese Oil ring I use the 2 Indian top rings - and it works (so far).

But as the time of experimentation is now over I guess and we will settle on the high quality rings, at least for all customer 477 sets (basically with 2 exceptions I have always sent those to customers - the 2 exceptions got those from Japan).

Softer Rings, wear out quicker just as Brake Pads.

For my application I would  prefer the Rings wear out first. ( and Ive got a good supply )

Our Fuel is from Singapore I think, Im ok with the black stuff. This Piston is ready to be Implanted in H2.

New Top and Second ring ( Indian ) and reuse this Oil ring , Probably.

Shiny on the Bottom.

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Peter you will be able to do this in the dark soon.

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Quote from Kiwi59 on 27. November 2021, 9:46

Peter you will be able to do this in the dark soon.

He already does it with his eyes shut, being in the dark would just make it easier.

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