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Can we have emojis? I know they can be had via the keyboard but it should be possible to add them to the editor.

sam2019 has reacted to this post.

Right you are! Installed the plugin.

It has a limited supply of emojis and I had to google the keyboard method - but that has a plethora of options, so for all those like me here is the way to get to the keyboard foundry of emojis:

  1. On Windows 10 devices in Desktop mode, right-click the taskbar. In the menu that appears, select the Show touch keyboard button option.
  2. You’ll see a new keyboard icon appear in the taskbar.
  3. Click the “smiley face” button to view the available emoji.
  4. Now select the emoji you wish to insert into the post or page.

On Android devices, look for the “smiley face” icon on your keyboard. that was easy!