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BS6 / Euro5 2021 ECU locked? PT working?

this is the part. can not be found in the RE parts DB ..??


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Does not look very User Friendly ¬†ūüôĀ

I have been reading up on the replies re: 2021 ECU on the advertising forum and I am not impressed.

The TPS gives PRIMARY input to the ECU - if it is not there or malfunctions all kinds or bad things can happen (just google TPS disconnect or failure)

If the TPS is married to the ECU (which can make sense for RE, just not for us) the TPS data will be shared via an internal bus.

Whether or not this bus can be accessed thru one of the cables that come out of this hybrid device is the only real question here because if the answer is NO - then there will be no PT that works (as it did before - it can still work on a much reduced usability level via O2 sensor and such) and our device will also not work.

It is even possible if that for a alternate ECU to work ultimately one has to swap to the old throttle body/TPS/ECU configuration. But that opens another can of worms because there are any number of different connectors for all kinds of things in the BS6 cables that are not or different in the BS4 (tripper comes to mind).

It is a mess - and currently I have no knowledge of a solution. I must say that I do not trust the makers of the TP - after I researched their latest gimmick this fuelX thingy. And I would not put it beyond them that they issue a "special" edition 2021 BS6 PT that ignores TPS input altogether - which would relegate it to near meaningless but hey, nothing good marketing can't sell.




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I have put a short TPS explanation into the Glossary - everyone knows what a ECU does but not everyone knows what role the TPS plays with the ECU and why its failure or missing out is very bad for really EVERYTHING:


Race Dynamic have issued a PT for the 2021 model now. Their FAQ states that it connects to the TPS. I have asked them how they do it - awaiting a reply:

The PowerTRONIC connects to the Injector, Ignition coil, Crank Position Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, GND ‚Äď Ground | negative terminal of the battery.

Sorry for Delay ,By the Time I reached my Friend, He has Fixed Bore with Sleeve onto  2021 Bike .Here are some Images i Could Manage .The New 2021  PT are 2 seperate Boxes ( Earlier its one Single Unit )

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Hey , It it works Mr Reddy?

Where does the Black Box plug into ?

Is the PT plugged into the ECU at the Throttle body?

What Map are You using?

Thanks for the pics.

Big thanx for the pics, just what we needed!

Is the black unit an interface between the new PT with maps loaded? that connects via plugs to the throttle body and ecu?

Quote from Dool on 8. September 2021, 5:51

Hey , It it works Mr Reddy?

Where does the Black Box plug into ?

Is the PT plugged into the ECU at the Throttle body?

What Map are You using?

Thanks for the pics.

There is only One Cable Out of Black box ( Its Totally sealed cannot be opened to take picture)  This cable Joins PT unit ,

PT unit takes its original position Below Rear Seat (Cannot be fixed Directly on throttle Body)

By the way This is My friends  bike Using 462 kit is 2021 ( My Bike is with 477 With Pumper Carb  is on way takes another 10 days to fix )

Started the 462  bike Tested for compression 125  only ,Quite surprised    ( HK bigbore 462 kit +HK cam + HK Valves ) Engine started with  original ECU kept it for cooling 1st 30 min Later for 2 hours ,,Idled well,, Throttle Response was good No missing ,Tomorrow he want to open check again The Reason for low compression & the problem is ?? He thinks the problem is with Decompression pin ??