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4 new 477 cylinders available from early July

For those who look forward to get a full cylinder & piston set:

RE is accepting orders for spare parts again BUT currently RE has limited the number of cylinders we can order - so we will get 4 in 2 weeks, then we need 1 week to convert them to 477. Which means by mid July when we return from the test ride there will be 4 ready for immediate delivery.

Orders that are beyond the first four will have to wait until RE softens their restrictions on certain parts.

For those who plan to use their own cylinders: Liner & piston sets are always available.

only one left ... the others are reserved.

Dool has reacted to this post.

Got four more ... go ahead and order ..ย ๐Ÿ˜€

Are you Breeding these?

ranjeet delivered 6, 2 r 4 u

2 full sets available plus one made from a used cylinder at special price

please reply via our contact page if interested