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2021 model and Power Tronic

There seem to be issues with the PT if one has the 2021 model resulting in inexplicable idle cut-out issues that are not happening in the older models run with the appropriate PT model.

Make sure you order the correct PT model for your 2021 and read the thread that deals with this issue.

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I have a 2020 model and my PT has been replaced by the local importer( New Zealand) Would not load up other maps. Have not to the shop for 2 weeks have been to busy with work to get back to them. Will call in this week and see if I can find out what the problem was.

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It now seems PT does NOT offer an appropriately working 2021 Hima model ECU

Because '2021 model' depends a bit on where you are, are you referring to the model with the Tripper or the previous one (which is the 2021 model here in Aus)?

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PT seems to have released a modified version for the TRIPPER 2021/2022 Hima.

However it is marked out of stock and the pictures they show you are from a different model so maybe this is just an annoucement and they are still in the development phase with this.

the real picture (Reddy's) is this:

read the discussion here: