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whats the Compression expected with 477


Reddy , how many Kms has the Engine / Cam chain done?

Are you doing a measurement of Piston to Deck clearance?

You mention the Head Gasket , what Base gasket are you using?


Reddy asked me for a forged piston. I quoted him 250 Euro which is exactly what I paid including taxes and shipping - let me add if I was to sell it on a profitable basis it would cost at least 400 Euro. The piston is a bit cleaner but the differences are negligible and have no influence on the fuction.

Here are pics of the forged original, ours were made with measurements derived from this Piston.




I was Only Worried On the Way the Valve Scoops Were Made on The Piston ,Appears as if its been Chiselled in  Rough pattern , Let me Go Ahead with this piston, Hope With this 2nd Set of Rings Recieved ( Along with my 2nd order of Sleeve Piston & Japanese Ring Gasket kit ) Will be within the Limit of Ring End Gaps As Discussed ,( The 1st Ringset Gap was Far Above the Limits Even On .05 BorePiston Gap )

See the image of piston received with valve scoops in my earlier message  in this tread

Quote from Reddy on 11. October 2021, 10:33

The 1st Ringset Gap was Far Above the Limits Even On .05 BorePiston Gap

In cases like this its not helpful to just state the gap was somehow not OK - it only helps if you have hard data, either in the form of a measurement (not easy unless you have special tools) or a good picture - which is VERY easy - just put the ring in the cyliner and shoot the gap you see.

Regarding the valve indention - it is completely irrelevant if they are rough or polished for the function of them or the piston as a whole.

here is the ring gap of a 0.05mm bore with the indian rings (the worst of all) - it is just right if you ask me. Dool?


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New Honda AfricaTwin Has Compression Ratio of 10.1:1 recomending Normal 89 to 91 ,

How Do i Convert A compression of 200 of Himalayan  Translate Into Ratio ?

IS There Any chance of Auto Tune Facility Inbuilt into ECU to Advance OR Retard Ignition Depending upon Fuel Variation ?

I have KTM 1190 ( Now replaced With 1290 ) My friend added 2 litres of Diesel in 12 litres Petrol Tank ,Luckily it ran well ,( Found KTM can take up minor variations with ease) Unlike my friends bikes had tough time ,

Can we have some thing similar on himalayan ?

Reddy there is a formula but I am no Math expert.

I dont like to say it, but "google it" .

Are you having problems with Knocking ?

I dont know if the PT can sense these things, perhaps ask PT they are pretty helpfull.