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Shop under attack (brute force login attempts)

If I try to use the administrative login to the shop I get this message:

BruteForce-Schutz aktiv / brute-force protection active

Die BruteForce-Überwachung hat aufgrund von atypisch Zugriffen den angeforderten Bereich gesperrt. Bitte versuchen Sie es später erneut.

Due to non-standard hits, the access to the requested area has been denied by the brute-force monitoring. Please try again later.

Apache Server at Port 443

So far there has been no attempt I can recognize on the Forum but there is a funny occurance since this morning: my main provider (the one who leases the landline to our hotel) can not resolve the DNS of the forum. I can do it with my phone with 4G and using my phone as wifi access point I can reach the forum.

I am not sure if these 2 things are related. However a long while ago I installed  plugin that protects the main shop from Indian and Chinese access due to literally thousands of hacking attempts from these countries (way more from India but nobody will ever drive a Hima in China so just in case I included it).



Trouble with being a Netzin ( internet citizen ?) is that you can suddenly not be!

1984 was a good read.

I have since added Russia to the "forbidden countries" like India and China. Lets see if that helps.

There is a way to secure that access which involves .htaccess and .htpassword but frankly I am too lazy to have to enter that stuff every time I log on.


Russians mess with everything , ( like The USA elections ) according to some 😉

according to some, Russia is on position 3 in the "most hackers per country" list.

Does that explain why they would Hack the Dems emails to cause KAOS so as to have a TV Show instead of a presidency?

No wonder some are trying to settle Mars.

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Today the main site of my provider was unreachable. so it seems this was a generic attack and had no bearing on HT as such. good news. also if this forum disappears for a short while (a day or so) no reason to panic.