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Recurring problems

The Himalayan quality in some aspects is not top notch. To give you an idea what to expect here is a list of issues that you will recognize when scanning thru the various groups and forums online - mostly scattered though, I though it may be helful to have them consolidated in one place.

All rubber parts are of very low quality. Expect ripping and defect after only 2 years, sometimes earlier. This seems to be a general problem with RE that also affects the Bullets

Except for the 2021 aka 2022 model (BS6 with tripper) the side stand is too long. The bike tends to be susceptible to wind gusts invoked tipping over. There are solutions for sale online and self help videos on YT.

High and irregular idle, cutouts during sudden acceleration, cutouts during driving when changing gears. This can be alleviated with a piggyback ECU and the proper mapping - some say with a power booster.

Sudden "going dark" of all electrical functions while driving. Relatively rare but still more often than comfortable. Mostly fixed by exchange of the ignition lock (or taking it apart, cleaning and greasing)

Fogging over of the instrument panel during the rainy season. This a very common, if the bike is new and the effect is extreme the dealer will change the panel BUT because almost all of them have this flaw it does not really help. Two small holes and occasional blowing it out with clean air does.

Temperature indicator too high - this is not a bug, its a feature. Relocate the sensor to fix it - instructions on YT.

Compass shows wrong direction. Yes it does, forget it. It can be calibrated but will lose this calibration rather fast. The compass is a joke. Live with it.

Rear rack breaks under load. Yes it does. Officially maximum load is 6KG which is a joke if the top box itself weights 4KG. There is no fix unless you exchange it for something more solid. The BS6 version has a better rack.

RE Hima OEM carriers are misfits, nothing you can do about it. You can force them into position but be aware than you will likely lose one bolt on one side and the remaining bolt then will be bent and often break - which makes it necessary to drill a new thread into the frame part that holds it. Often visually check if the bolts are in place.

Front brake is not very effective. Various solutions have been suggested. Most often the use of different pads i.e. sintered ones. This helps to a degree but even in the BS6 model the front brakes are not really good. In the older models they are dangerously ineffective, esopecially when wet. RE seems to have initiated a recall for BS4 brakes, check with your dealer.

T-stem bearing gets worn out, is out of alignment, loose, rusty, or hard to maneuver. In all of these cases its water ingress into the bearing. Check often, use marine grease when replacing. The Indian bearings are sub standard. Get western replacements, various companies offer them.

Battery looses all charge after only a few days/a few weeks. This is endemic. The best fix is a switch under the seat that decouples the battery when parking over extened periods of time. Some changes in the wiring of the gear indicator sensor have been suggested - taking it off permanent plus. In the BS3 models (or all carb models) the stator has a design defect, overheats and breaks. In rare cases the charging module needs replacing as well.

Oiling at the cylinder head. Fasten the bolts.

Clutch & accelerator cable rupture near the upper attachment point. There seems to be a bad batch of cables. Exchange them. The good ones last very long (over 20.000km).

Some people report issues with the chain lock. Carry a replacement.

In general greasing issues are often reported around the droplinks, attachemts of the swingarm and their bearings. If it starts to squeek its high time to disassemble the entire thing and re-pack all the bearings (or replace the parts when worn).

Grease the seat lock meachanism or it will fail to catch after while.

In the BS6 version issues with various relais (those under the seat) have been reported. Mainly the relais that works the fuel pump, it seems RE has a recall for those.


RE uses grease like they have to pay for it and thread locker as though the CEO has shares in the company.

Soooooo, if a bearing seems dry, pull it apart and regrease it properly, or just do that as part of your normal service.

If undoing a bolt for the first time, take it easy, maybe twisting it back and forth a bit to break the seal. I've seen a lot of posts from people who've broken bolts in the frame.

The RE pannier racks don't fit on the left side. Mine simply needed stern coercion, some will never fit. This has been going on for years and RE should be ashamed of themselves for not having a stern talk with the supplier. If you buy a set and they won't fit, take them back and get new ones.

Nearly all riders get turbulence and wind noise (sometimes extreme) from the stock screen. If you're getting wind noise, examine alternatives. A good first test is to remove the screen and ride without it, the sudden silence (well, just the hiss of smooth air) will soon tell you whether to consider a new screen. I went for a very small screen, just high enough to protect the back of the instruments.

I addressed the fogging instruments by removing the cover, drying the screen properly, putting the instruments on a window sill in the sunlight to dry the unit out properly (don't do this on a stupidly hot day, you'll melt things) and reassembled it with a smear of silicon grease on the seam to seal it. This has worked through an Aussie summer and two winters being ridden most days, including just being left out in the rain. My theory is that they're assembled in a humid climate and moist air is trapped in there causing the misting - this may not work in humid climates. The two air holes Sam mentioned works too.

The long sidestand can be addressed by cutting off 10mm and welding on a larger foot. An easy job so it won't cost much if you have to pay someone. The advantage is that you not only get a bike that leans on its stand (as opposed to being propped upright) but  you get a decent sized foot that won't sink into the ground.

The stock seats suck after an hour. Lots of solutions, I use a $15 sheepskin offcut from my local sheepsking products shop.

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