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NMW Racing ECU / maps

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Quote from Dool on 23. November 2021, 9:47

No but this Guy is in The USA.

he seems to have a good understanding of the Software.

I have sent the latest map to him.

We will have if sorted soon I think.

No - he is not the guy with 2 477


No - he is not on the forum

or no to both?

Not the guy that bought 2

Not on this forum (I believe)

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I'll also be very happy to have this Map issue sorted! On my maiden trip with the 500cc, which was cut short due to another issue, I noticed one very evident flat-spot while cruising. I'm sure that I'd hv discovered other areas to improve on things had I been able to break in the bike and test its lungs, but... I haven't been on the bike since needing to leave India for a new Visa.

Fingers crossed,


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Bob, from what I can see, these Red Boxes have the most potential of any plug in available.

Utilizing that potential is the harder bit, The PT on the other hand is no better except it can only have so much influence being a Piggy Back, like less likely to really stuff it up.

Im trying to get it sorted.

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Updating on the Map scene.

A Guy here in Oz is working it it out and has sent me some altered Maps for testing.

If anyone want these just PM me and I can email them, they are a work in progress.

This ECU, although not 100% yet is showing the Best Potential, I have Stall Free rides and I believe it will only get better.

As there is nothing else on the Market, it is the best option available although I have stopped selling them until the Map issue is sorted.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Okay I know it just shows a colored rectangle moving amongst other colored rectangles, But that is how it is done Really ย ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Okay, this shows a 412 with the red ECU going up the HWY.

Done with a laptop on the back seat.

This Gentleman is working on a map and sharing his findings.

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Hey Peter.

I was curious if you, or this other fellow, had sorted out that Flat Spot you'd mentioned?

I know that on my short ride of a couple of hours, that there was a Definite spot where my Red ECU was Flat, but I didn't peg where it was at the time.

That said, the mechanic who I entrusted the work to, and whose had the bike since my departure, has told me that it's running great now, but just what that means is up for interpretation!



Bob, seems to be getting better, will test a version 7 later this morning.

My Flat spot was around 3000rpms and has been sorted.

It still is a work in progress.

Peter, any progress is good!

Can you PM me the name & # of the guy in the States that is working on this project? I'd like to give him a call since I'm here...


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