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New to Royal Enfield, Dunedin, New Zealand

Long time motorcyclist since 1973, mainly Moto Guzzi the last 20 years. This year bought an Interceptor 650 and the Himalayan. Looking forward to exploring more of the back roads of the South Island and the potential of the Himalayan. There was a great article in Motorcycle Sport and Leisure November 2019 that convinced me to buy one. As everyone concludes, it just needs a few more ponies. Thanks for this great forum.

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Welcome! I also started riding in 1973 when I turned 20. Before that I was still in highschool and my dad who paid for the drivers license (expensive in Germany) denied me the Motorcycle license because he had seen too many crumbled faces in the hospital (he worked as a dental technician).

I also owned 2 Guzzies, however my memories of those (a T1 and a T3) arn't the best - always broken - and expensive to repair. Finally I got rid of them in exchange for the BMW I still own today (I mean next to the 3 Himas).

With my dad and my sister in 1995 or something. with the T1

and the T3


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